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Crashed into consciousness

Recently I have started to feel deep thoughts and ideas are being streamed to me. Downloaded straight from the heavens and am being guided to write this information down. There is no specific format, no outline just streaming conscious thought. I imagine I will come back to these ideas some day or possibly share more formally but for today I simply want to turn these beautiful gifts of thoughts and ideas into text.

My personal blog will not follow a specific schedule or topics, when the information comes to me I will simply release it into written form.

Today, I think of how much I have grown and changed in just one month. 33 days ago, I was in a fairly bad car accident. No life threatening injuries but hurt enough where I have had to rest, sit and be still. Being forced to slow down has created a calm and peace around me that I’m not sure I have ever known. Although I have meditated every day and sit in the light, I feel even more connected than before.

Why start writing today when I have been receiving information for so many weeks?? I sat down to read today, always on the quest for more information and something said “don’t’ read, write.” I, more than anything, trust the word of spirit, the universe and ultimately God so for now I write.

My theme for today is about listening. I am a very stubborn person and have always been what is labeled as a driver. Something needed to get done, I would do it. I was a master at knocking out any tasks, projects or challenges that came my way (and that I often created). After years of this behavior (LOL) I suddenly have the wisdom to understand that even though it takes two (me and the universe) I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting by myself. In fact, I don’t have to do any of it. The universe is always working for me. God is always by my side, always with me and providing me what I ask for.

At times, without realizing it I have asked for such difficult things, “Yes, universe please give me this job, boyfriend, vacation, etc.” And the universe would put roadblocks in front of it, really just intuitive signs that the path I was taking would be a difficult one but I bulldozed through it still wanting what I thought was right in my mind. Rarely in these times did I listen to my spirit, my inner voice or my heart. Luckily for a few big life changing moments, I did listen to my heart and those moments shaped my life in the most beautiful and blessed ways (um yep, my memoir, "The Crooked Little House" is a perfect example.)

Fundamentally, I have shifted. I am now the person that listens almost always 😊 No one is perfect, right? A perfect example is the car I recently purchased to replace the one that had been permanently broken in the accident. And a quick bit of gratitude and thanks to my wrecked car for keeping me safe. So, I was about to do all this research like I would usually do to buy a car. I started to power through reports and online reviews and latest car trends. Then a thought came to me to visit the car broker I had spoken to a few years back. I walk away from my mind driven thoughts and headed over to meet the broker. We walked around looking at a few cars. "The one" feels right as soon as I sit in it. We take it for a test drive and I knew it was my next car. I then do a bit of research to make sure I was paying a fair price (wanted to balance the serendipitous event with a little knowledge). A short negotiation followed with a very quick purchase. I am so grateful for my new found approach as I would have exhausted myself and possibly bought the wrong car because it looked good on paper.

I am so guided and connected in each moment that I have no worry (well almost - still strengthening this thought). The small and big thoughts that use to enter my mind driven simply by fear and anger have disappeared. I wish I could share my secret with the world but I don’t really know how this transformation came to be and so quickly. But I am grateful and once the knowledge of this new way of life becomes wisdom, I’m sure I will be here blogging again so I can share.

The pieces I do understand are;

  • I LISTEN to the universe instead of trying to drive it (what an epiphany and no pun intended)

  • I wake up thinking in gratitude

  • I find blessings throughout the day

  • I am letting go of control (I bet my kids prayed for that to happen years ago 😊)

  • I flow with the universe in love and light

  • I understand all my needs are taken care of

  • I shine bright in every situation

At this moment, I am in an amazing place of gratitude. I feel my heart chakra lit up along with all my chakras. I have so much peace I feel as though I’m sitting in front of God and all the universal helpers, basking in love and light. My cup truly runneth over.

I’m excited to share these thoughts and moments knowing that right now in my life is a time to share my wisdom, my life lessons and mostly the thoughts angels are are whispering in my ear.

Love and light. Mercy