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The Little Lion

I believe we are all born with great courage. Bravery is instilled in each one of us and throughout our lives we are constantly drawing on this energy. Moments continually arise where we can step up but we are sometimes afraid and instead we hide from the world. Meditating on these thoughts this week, I connected to the energies of the lion and some wonderful inspiring brave people. Luckily for all of us, the list is practically endless and can be found no matter what your interests or passions. There are also so many instances where a shining example of a brave person isn’t a super hero or a world recognized leader. It’s the neighbor next door, the stranger that helped another or a child. During my meditations, I was reminded of a funny childhood memory that was a pure example of bravery.

This memory brought me back to when I was the wise old age of six and in first grade. Every morning, I would walk to school with my best friend, Kim. I don’t recall the exact details of those daily walks, as I was so young, but I do remember that we always walked through the park to get to school. I also remember that the teachers would never let us in the school or classroom before the bell rang. Some mornings it was so cold, we would do jumping jacks to try and stay warm. One of these very cold mornings, all the first graders were standing in line waiting for the bell to ring.

As my luck would have it, all sudden I had to go to the bathroom. As I stood there saying over and over, “just open the door” I felt my bladder applying more and more pressure on my little body. When the bell rang I was so relieved that I relaxed. You would never guess what happens to an angry bladder when you suddenly relax. Yep, right there in line with all the other first graders, pee starting streaming down my leg.

Looking back at it now, it is quite comical but at six years old it was horrific. The first graders were in shock or laughing and pointing right at me and my wet patch. Of course, I did the only emotion that came to mind in such an embarrassing moment, I cried. The teacher saw the commotion and luckily grabbed me before too much humiliation ensued. The standard protocol was followed, my parents called, they took me home changed my clothes and delivered me back to class. Disaster! I had zero desire to show back up at school that day.

As I walked into the class the whispers started immediately but luckily the teacher didn’t mess around. All the students were focused back on the task of learning in no time. Then the dreadful recess arrived. I sat in the classroom trying to avoid going outside but the teacher was ushering me along. My bestie, Kim came over and convinced me to head to the playground.

Kim kept trying to say it would be fun when we got outside. Well of course it wasn’t. The moment I stepped onto the playground the pointing started, whispers turned to very loud comments and laughter was everywhere. Kim grabbed me and went straight to the middle of the playground. All I wanted to do is hide and she brought me to the middle of the chaos. I thought for a moment, that my best friend in the entire world (because that’s how you think at six) was sabotaging me.

Kim had a much different plan in mind that I would have never guessed. She did the most brave and selfless thing. She peed her pants. Now obviously you can tell besides having great courage, my dear friend Kim was also a rebel. But she was ready to make a statement and she did. The second this happened, all the kids stopped pointing at me and start pointing at Kim. And she just stood there smiling and laughing. I’m not sure how a six-year-old was so brave and so wise but at that moment, Kim was connected to all the beautiful gifts she was born with. As the adults started to notice what was going on, Kim managed to produce a few fake tears. The teacher ran over to rescue her and quickly whisked her away. Kim came back to school shortly after and we laughed and giggled for the rest of that day and for years to come. The little lion, Kim was the bravest and boldest girl I knew. The memory is still a sweet and funny reminder of pure courage.

I believe part of being brave is also about being able to stand on your own. Bravery and courage often have to do with paving new ways, new ideas or simply doing something no one expects to help others. From my own personal experience my most courageous moment was to become a single mom of three teenagers (best decision of my life and had the universe’s total support as told in my book, The Crooked Little House). Exploring bravery and courage may instill a fire inside, a passion, and sometimes a rebel that helps us all really connect to that lion. And in my childhood example, it can also include a little playfulness. I hope the next time there is a moment to be brave and to be bold, you seize it!

Love and lIght - Mercy