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I often imagine when I was at the beginning of my life, when I was a spirit in heaven, the universe was showing me the various lives I could pick from, each coming with a different set of parents. As I see each life it’s a different type mountain, a unique path and people. As I feel the connection to the parents I choose, I am shown the path I am selecting. I see the path is very rocky and steep and the rough road seems to go on forever. When I ask the Universe why the path seems so difficult, they answer, “That’s how your choosing to see it. Look again but this time think of your faith.”

I look back at the mountain and it’s rocky and steep but this time the path is full of light. I am suddenly filled with a great sense of peace as I know in all the hard spots and all the good spots, the universe is always with me. I chose those parents and that path and have days of struggle and of course days of absolute bliss.

Looking back now, I’m incredibly grateful for this life I picked. Including the hard times. Because it has helped shape me, inspire me and ultimately bring me to exactly where I am right now.

Today, on Thanksgiving I’m feeling most grateful for my life and the important things to me, my connection to God (The Universe) and to the people (friends, family and those that support and inspire) in my life. And of course my animals and all the peace nature brings. My gratitude fills my soul and lets me see nothing but light in all things. I’m so grateful for this energy, this feeling and the love that surrounds me.

Here’s the official thank you to all my family, friends and animals for the constant love and everything that comes with it. I wish all a gracious and loving day, hopefully creating beautiful lifelong memories.

Being a spiritual person, I also feel obligated to say, I celebrate Thanksgiving for the connection and gratitude to all things in my life and no association with the controversial history. Wishing all love and light.